Dale Levitski in on Top Chef All-Stars

Dale Levitski
Dale Levitski

As just about everyone correctly predicted, the next season of Top Chef will be Top Chef All-Stars, meaning we will be introduced to a collection of runner-ups and other memorable faces from the past seven seasons. Since she won her season, Stephanie Izard will not be involved. Luckily Dale Levitski, who was the runner-up in Season 3 and is currently running the kitchen at Sprout in Lincoln Park, will be. His transition from Top Chef to executive chef has been one of the most interesting stories over the past few years, which we imagine will look extra dramatic during those Top Chef montage sequences.

You may remember the two in-depth feature articles, the soap opera watching, and the general lack of health insurance. But with Sprout pulling in great reviews, and planning to expand, it looks like he’s in a much better space now.

The new season will take place in New York, and will feature some regular guest judging by Anthony Bourdain. It will start on December 1, just after the finish of “Top Chef: Just Desserts.” On a side note, this means that the producers have effectively created a way for us to be hooked into watching Bravo all year long. Nice one.

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