Bruni: ‘There’s Not a Reason in the World’ to Doubt Sifton on Del Posto

Photo: Melissa Hom

Earlier today, Frank Bruni tweeted a link to Sam Sifton’s already controversial four-starring of Del Posto, saying it was a “big, big day in [the] NY resto world.” But how exactly does the former Times critic feel about the review? We e-mailed him to find out, and here’s what he said.

Sam is as knowledgeable, well-rounded (and I don’t mean physically), discerning and passionate a restaurant analyst as there is, and has probably eaten at Del Posto more than twice as often over the past year as anyone else. There’s not a reason in the world to question his four stars. I don’t. I’m excited for the restaurant and excited for him.

So there you have it: The “bring back Bruni” crowd can officially simmer down until Michelin weighs in on October 6.

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