Brooklyn’s Best Coffee Shops for Taking Care of Business

Photo: Evan Sung

Brooklyn Based has ranked various Brooklyn “coffices” (coffee shops cum offices) according to their layout, outlets, Wi-Fi, and coffee. The winner: Gimme! in Williamsburg. Greenpoint’s Café Grumpy also gets high marks, but remember how the management feels about laptop lingerers. We’ll add one more to the list: Goodbye Blue Monday has Wi-FI and serves Gillies (New York’s oldest coffee roaster!). It’s a cocoon of old phonographs, political artifacts, and stacks of records and other ephemera, and nothing stokes the embers of creativity like a place that writes in its blog, “the grifting lizards from mars taught me to let it go and just be grateful that i wasn’t on their menu and wasn’t yet scooped up and used by those other aliens who use humanity as batteries.” Preach it, brotherman!

Coffices: Coffee Shops for Working [Brooklyn Based]