Bravo Announces Top Chef: All-Stars


Bravo has finally confirmed what we already knew: The eighth season of Top Chef will be an all-star edition. Yesterday, TV Guide reported that the next season will feature eighteen previous contenders, as well as Anthony Bourdain trading judging duties with Gail Simmons. Among the guest stars: Jimmy “I am not (or ever will be) a food critic” Fallon, who was filmed at Colicchio & Sons, and some Sesame Street characters, who oversee a Quickfire. Yesterday during the Top Chef: D.C. reunion, Bravo announced who, exactly, will be in the running (see the video below). The season will premiere December 1 and was still being shot as of September 17, when we got a tip via text message: “I think they are filming Top Chef at Whole Foods on Houston right now.” Asked whether they recognized anyone, our tipster said, “Yeah, that asshole Mike.”

Tiffani Faison
Stephen Asprinio
Marcel Vigneron
Elia Aboumrad
Dale Levitski
Casey Thompson
Tre Wilcox
Richard Blais
Spike Mendelsohn
Dale Talde
Antonia Lofaso
Fabio Viviani
Jamie Lauren
Carla Hall
Michael Isabella
Jennifer Carroll
Angelo Sosa
Tiffany Derry