First Look at Brats, Daniel Angerer’s Sausage Spot Opening Tomorrow


Daniel Angerer of Klee Brasserie is going the same route his compatriot Kurt Gutenbrunner did at the Standard Biergarten— tomorrow, he and partner Lori Mason will introduce their take on the Austrian sausage stand. Brats will consist of sausages described on the menu as “classic” (featuring Eastern European ingredients), “designer” (featuring non-orthdox ingredients like kimchee), and “gourmet” (featuring high-end ingredients like wagyu beef). If wine, beer, and sake on tap isn’t your thing, you can enjoy a “Milkaholic” made from goat, sheep, and cow milk (but not breast milk). Take a look at the slideshow— does the 24-seat room’s décor look invitingly familiar? That might be because designer Garrett Singer also recently lent his talents to Hill Country Chicken. Brats will be open from 5 p.m. till midnight at first, and will eventually open at 8 a.m. The menu is below.

Brats menu [pdf]

Brats, 362 West 23rd St., nr. Ninth Ave.; 646-350-2557