BLT Burger Sues LT Burger Over ‘R-Rated’ Milkshakes

Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The Times snags a copy of the lawsuit that Laurent Tourondel’s former business partners in BLT Burger have brought against him for opening LT Burger in Sag Harbor, a restaurant they say violates the BLT trademark, and while it’s not quite as entertaining as the Mr. Chow case against Philippe, it’s definitely worth a read for lines like this: “Upon information and belief, BLT Burger was one of the very first dining establishments to offer alcoholic milkshakes.” And these are milkshakes that have been praised by the Onion, the complaint points out. It goes on to insist that LT basically reproduced the BLT hamburger and (more amusingly) milkshake menu, changing the “Berry Me” to the “Berry Good,” the “Campfire Marshmallows” to “the Fluffer,” and (bear with us now) the “Fuzzy the Bear” to the “Red Head” and the “Brunette” to the “Night Rider.” Not only that, but he allegedly hired the publisher of BLT Living to create a copycat newsletter titled LT Living, and then tricked BLT managers into distributing it at their restaurants. Supposedly, they even had to pay for shipping! Don’t miss the complaint below.

BLT vs. Laurent Tourondel et. al. [PDF via Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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