Andrew Carmellini’s Soho Spot Is Called ‘the Dutch’ Because It ‘Sounds Like a Joint’

The Dutch's cider-glazed pork with hot rub.
The Dutch’s cider-glazed pork with hot rub. Photo: Henry Hargreaves

Gone are the days when we had to come up with a dozen ways to say “Andrew Carmellini’s new Soho restaurant” in order to avoid redundancy: Diner’s Journal reports that the spot, which occupies the corner of Prince and Sullivan Streets that once housed the Cub Room, will be called the Dutch. “The word itself doesn’t really mean anything,” Carmellini told the Times, but he likes the way it hits the ears. The phrase is “a little bit old school, a little bit O.G., a little bit Damon Runyonesque, maybe … And it kind of sounds like a joint, and that’s what we want there.” Like the rest of New York, there’s no smoking at the restaurant — but there will be Dutch-branded matchbooks for you to use for whatever purposes you like once you get home.

Andrew Carmellini’s Restaurant to Be Called the Dutch [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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