After 26 Years in Williamsburg, Cono’s Swims With the Fishes

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Early into our very first job in New York City, we asked a colleague where to take a girlfriend who was coming in from out of town. He answered immediately: “Take her to Cono’s!” It became a catchphrase of sorts, but now no one will utter those words in seriousness ever again, because according to the Brooklyn Paper, Cono Natale has decided to retire and has closed the joint after 26 years. That’s right, it’s going the way of Ralph’s Ices. Political types like Vito Lopez are bummed (though truth is, you didn’t have to be an assemblyman to feel like family here), and it’s now going to be a lot tougher to find a calamari hero in this town. Anyone want to open a throwback clam bar?

Oh no, Cono’s! Even Vito’s restaurant has closed! [Brooklyn Paper]