Adam Fleischman Plans His Own Pizza Place

Might odd Japanese pizza recipes be coming to Westwood too?
Might odd Japanese pizza recipes be coming to Westwood too?Photo: J Feucter via Flickr

Feast editor Carole Dixon spent some time with Umami Burger shogun Adam Fleischman last night and picked up a huge scoop. The restaurateur, who has a pronounced Japan-fetish, is going to open a pizza restaurant in Westwood. Ignoring Pitfire Pizza and this city’s main drag, an entire boulevard of good Middle Eastern eats, Fleischman says, “There are no good restaurants in that area, and no one is doing pizza like this.” Well, maybe he’s right about the pizza part. Like the rich burger inventions at Umami, the pies will have carefully considered toppings that will line the crust, while an oven set between 800 and 1,000 degrees will cook the pizza in 45 seconds. Now that’s fast food! Will Fleischman’s pizza parlor replicate the success of his burgers? Find out in about three months when the project is launched.

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