Where Trader Joe’s Turns Into ‘The Pits of Hell’

Photo: Slgckgc via Flickr

If you love Trader Joe’s, but start seeing red when navigating the green grocer’s parking lots, you’re not alone. Blogging L.A. lists “The Five Worst Trader Joe’s Parking Lots,” detailing the recurring theme of the “loop method” that finds cars entering at both sides to coalesce into one massive clusterschtupp. The Silver Lake store gets the designation “where Trader God threw up all the available parking spots into the air and let them fall, along with Traitor Satan, into the pits of Hell,” while the LaBrea store is slammed for employing a double “loop method,” and the original Trader Joe’s at Arroyo Parkway gets treated like “Trader Joe Jackson,” taking the blame for spawning oh-so-many problem-plagued offspring. Few Joe’s fans can deny the truth behind this list, even if trying to avoid head-on collisions still beats being ripped off by Ralph’s.

The 5 Worst Trader Joe’s Parking Lots [Blogging L.A.]