Where to Eat Out with your Little Ones

Photo: from Philly Mag

I work in a restaurant. Do we have a kids’ menu? No. Will we make your tot some plain, plain, plain pasta? No problem. These 15 spots do more: they cater to kids. And Philly Mag promises they will satisfy adult dining out desires as well. Turns out family-friendly restaurants must meet a broad and controversial set of criteria. The noise must mask whiny or rambunctious children; the staff shouldn’t have an attitude; it’s an added bonus if there’s a courtyard or a garden to check out when kids get antsy. Marathon Grill hosts a kiddie happy hour with half price matzoh ball soup. The chocolate smorgasbord Max Brenner is a “child’s dream” (if perhaps an adult’s stomach ache). Avalon wins over the whole family with its family-style Sunday suppers. There is manicotti for the children and duck liver pate for the grownups (and for the adventurous kids, of course). And if all else fails, there is always Ikea, ball room and all. [Restaurant Club]