When Will the New Freemans Restaurant Open? ‘Ask the City’

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Recent tweet from William Tigertt of Freemans: “When did ‘How are you?’ get replaced by ‘When are you opening?’ I get asked 20+ times a day. I have no idea. Ask the city. #shootme.” While you wait, here’s how the man’s new project on the Bowery was looking yesterday. Nice awnings! And the upstairs room, done up in cream-painted pressed-tin ceilings, is also looking good. By the way, we had to wait in line behind another blogger to take this photo — this is clearly going to be an object of interest in the coming months. Meanwhile, over at the mothership, Tigertt tweets that Freemans chef Preston Madson just got married to another chef at the restaurant, Ginger. Congrats!