What You Missed at Chef’s Night Out 2010

Craft’s octopus salad

Angeleno Magazine let the chefs out last night at Santa Monica’s Fairmont Hotel in order to celebrate its annual restaurant issue and the “best of” honors of critic Brad A. Johnson. Off-duty chefs like Grace’s Neal Fraser, David Lefevre of Water Grill, Michael Cimarusti, and Top Chef’s C.J. Jacobson rubbed shoulders among a few hundred revelers enjoying tastings from some of the city’s most sensational chefs both of years past and the short future. With summer plates crafted personally by the likes of Quinn Hatfield, Ludovic Lefebvre, Laurent Quenioux, Michael Voltaggio, and Suzanne Tracht, among others, and plenty of timely appearances of tomato, watermelon, and mozzarella, it was an ideal way to spend a summer evening while reminded of the strong skills and vision that have distinguished the deserving toques taking home Angeleno’s honors. Check out our slide show of the award-winning dishes and chefs in our slide show of Chef’s Night Out 2010.