Water Cooler Issue Nearly Turned Gorbals Partnership Punchy

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Magnolia Bakery is still closed by a health department edict following its successful L.A. premier. While it tries to re-open, we’re going to scratch our suggestion that the bakery consult Ilan Hall about how to maintain composure in the momentum-damaging interim. Today the chef reveals that the water cooler issues that closed The Gorbals immediately after its debut last fall nearly destroyed his bromance with best buddy Natan Zion. In fact, Hall tells BlogDowntown that the two “nearly came to blows.” Ilan describes the situation that necessitated the intervention of a security guard, “It was tense for both of us and it was one of those things where we should have been away from each other. I sort of pretended to charge and then Natan really charged at me.” Fortunately, tensions simmered and The Gobals reopened to acclaim. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of a Marcel punching bag being introduced to cool Ilan’s jets.

Leap of Faith: Ilan Hall’s Gamble at The Gorbals [BlogDowntown]