Vista Hermosa Joins Mercado Paloma; Shuttered Chichen Itza Space To Become Asbury Fusion

Photo: Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza has some new company at Mercado Paloma, as O.G. food explorer Barbara Hansen illustrated through the chongos and corundas of Michoacan now available at the mini-mall’s Vista Hermosa. But what about Chichen Itza’s closed digs by MacArthur Park? Eater unearths a wine and beer license for “Asbury Fusion Cuisine,” currently under construction under the ownership of one Avinash Kapoor. Fusion is on the menu here, so merging Kapoor with Asbury, we’ll take an early guess that it’s an Anglo-Indian love marriage of some sort. But given the neighborhood demographic, possible Toltec ghosts lingering in the kitchen, and the recent boom in Mexican menus from owners of varied backgrounds, there’s a high chance that south of the border flavor will be infused here, too.

Asbury Fusion Claims Chichen Itza Space in Westlake [Eater]