Breaking: Todd English Is a Macho, Sexy, Charming, Hunky, Insatiable, Flirtatious, Commanding, Towering, Tasty Lady-Killer


Todd English is turning 50 this month, but the Post doesnt seem to mind. Heres the Zagat version of todays profile: This macho and sexy, charming man with a chiseled jawline, a killer smile, and exaggerated good looks has a reputation as a lady-killer and an insatiable appetite for young, pretty women. The broad-shouldered and towering toque is quick to move on after a conquest, which might be why the hunk chef with the commanding presence has been spotted with a bevy of Asian beauties. Women undoubtedly take notice of him since he can disarm you with a flirtatious remark and with his looks and his business savvy. Hence Martha Stewarts recent comment: Todds beef was delicious. (!) And just in case all that wasnt clear enough, some more thoughts from Ms. Stewart: Oh, those deep sunken eyes, the high cheekbones, his big hands, and broad shoulders. At least one Post commenter isnt quite as smitten: [T]his guy is nothing but a bowl of bull bleep!!!

NYC's tasty dish! [NYP]