Today’s Look Inside Peels, for Your Restaurant-Stalking Pleasure

Facing the to-go counter.
Facing the to-go counter. Photo: Daniel Maurer

Not since Pulino’s have plywood bloggers been so obsessed with a restaurant’s tantalizing reveal on the Bowery — or anywhere else, for that matter. With apologies to proprietor William Tigertt (“thanks to excessive blogger coverage about the new place I’ve been banned from Twitter until further notice,” he tweeted last week), here’s how Peels, the new one from the Freemans folks, looked last night, with Crate and Barrel boxes stacked inside and an “OPENING SOON” sign hanging on the door. Fork in the Road called its exterior “the most succinct illustration of the Bowery’s gentrification to date,” though really it doesn’t look much different from Double Crown across the street (remember mourning the loss of the Astor’s sign?). Anyway, here’s another look inside while we wait to be let in.

To-go counter at left, communal table in center.
To-go counter at left, communal table in center. Photo: Daniel Maurer

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