The Speaksleazy Continuum: One Secret Upstairs Bar Closes, Another Opens

Photo: Courtesy of UrbanDaddy

The Mott isn’t the only venue facing a landlord takeover: A Marshal’s Legal Possession notice on the door of the Qdoba at 404 Sixth Avenue indicates that it has been seized by the landlord. This means Su Casa is also a goner. Back in April we hinted at the latest unmarked cocktail bar only to devastate you with news that it was a sports bar above a Qdoba (that was fun!). Still, after it opened in September of last year, Su Casa had its admirers: (Chi Chi 212 said it oozed sensuality and compared it to La Esquina), but also its detractors (Down by the Hipster said it was basically a frat house). Now it’s gone, but another upstairs bar is vying to replace it in your heart.

UrbanDaddy recently reported that this Friday, the old Uncle Ming space will be reborn as a rock bar, White Noise (yes, Uncle Ming — that fun place above the hardware store you went to for some birthday once and got totally wasted and hooked up with this dude you can barely remember. It closed at some point). Expect a “dark cavern” consisting of chandeliers dipped in black tar and a “Weirdo Room” that may or may not be used for the nefarious purposes of old.