The Cheap Eater Makes the Jump to Video

Welcome back to the small screen.
Welcome back to the small screen. Photo: courtesy Chicago Tribune

The whole city mourned the day Kevin Pang decided to retire The Cheeseburger Show, his hilarious video series which chronicled the beefy heart of Chicago. While entertaining on screen, the regimen of daily burger consumption got to its star, and he finally gave up, claiming he couldn’t “look at a cheeseburger without reaching for the wide end of an open bucket.” He then picked up with The Cheap Eater, where he sampled ramen, went for a Filipino-style breakfast, and thoroughly explored Chinatown. It’s all been well and good, but it’s been exclusively in that pesky print form. Pang is an excellent writer, but he’s genius in front of a camera. So it’s good news to hear that The Cheap Eater will be in video form soon enough, as Pang just released the preview clip on Facebook. Prefaced only by the claim that, “We’re sick of filming cheeseburgers,” the 30-second clip features the writer sucking back a bubble tea in Chinatown. We are excited. [@kevinthepang]