Steven Fretz Fixating on Fish for Solo Project

"Maybe we can still be friends?"
“Maybe we can still be friends?” Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Unshackled from Michael Mina’s ever-morphing marketing at XIV, Steven Fretz will strike out with his own restaurant, Eater reports. And learning a thing or too from the fussy failures fizzling through Hollywood in the wake of pop-ups and food trucks, Fretz plans his new restaurant to be casual and “comfortable,” meaning he probably never wants to see a shiny shirt again. Fretz “The Cat,” as we know him, plans to focus on preparations of raw fish and hand-made pastas, with a celebration of farm-raised ingredients. Apparently, the chef is negotiating on a well-known space, but hasn’t quite locked it down yet. Details definitely to come!

Steven Fretz To Open A Fish-Driven Eatery [Eater]