SLA’s Latest Self-Improvement Plan: Outsourcing!


Good news, bars and restaurants: It’s now going to be easier for the State Liquor Authority to take your money! Or process it, anyway. The ever-improving SLA has announced via a press release that it’s speeding up the processing of fines and fees by outsourcing it to Wells Fargo: “Under this partnership, Wells Fargo will retrieve SLA mail, prepare the deposit, and provide the remittance documents and reports for the SLA. Wells Fargo will scan the approximately 13,000 items the SLA currently processes each month, as well as process the nearly $55 million a year in fines and fees the SLA generates on an annual basis.” The agency says this will decrease human error (and theft) and allow for the redeployment of employees so they can “focus on reviewing liquor license applications and getting businesses open and operating.”