First Look at Simply Peeled and Its Soft-Serve Frozen Fruit


The frozen treats (ice-cream pops! slushees!) — they just keep coming. The latest concept opens tomorrow, and it’s called Simply Peeled. What are we dealing with here? Fruizo, a soft-serve made from just seasonal fruit, filtered water, and organic cane sugar. It’s sort of like a sorbet in that it doesn’t contain dairy, but it comes out of a fro-yo machine, and you can top it with fresh fruit, granola, cereals, and even maple syrup. The concept was created by four health-conscious friends (finance executives Michael Sloan and Jason Epstein, Jason’s wife, Chloe, and model Lauren Browne) who worked with culinary consultants to make sure their product came to under 100 calories per four-ounce serving. Check out the menu, below, and the product itself (as well as the store), via our slideshow.

Simply Peeled menu [PDF]

Simply Peeled, 1371 Third Ave, nr. 78th St.; 212-794-2200