Shouldn’t a Restaurant Be Forced to Admit If They Had Rats?

<em>Ratatouille</em> this ain't.
Ratatouille this ain’t. Photo: iStock Photo

During an inspection by the San Francisco Public Health Department at culty vegan oasis Café Gratitude on July 15, a “juvenile rat” ran between the legs of the inspector, and he naturally forced the place to shut down to clean up their act, as Mission Local reports. The restaurant only closed for 24 hours for “vermin abatement,” but it turns out that San Francisco doesn’t require any sort of public posting about the closure or the reason for it, nor do they have any minimum requirement for how long a place gets shuttered when they’re crawling with rats! New York, L.A., and other cities across the country have much stricter rules about disclosing the reasons for a health department closure, while in S.F. an anonymous health department official admits that it is not uncommon for a restaurant simply to put up a sign that says “closed for renovations,” and get away with it. Really, San Francisco?

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