Self-Explanatory Bars (The Drink, Whiskey Brooklyn) Come to Williamsburg

Photo: The Skinny Pig

While Steve Lewis talks to Noah Tepperberg and Co. about the soon-to-open Lavo (“a place,” says Lewis, “where uptown money, Europeans, and Upper East Siders can enjoy downtown and Vegas levels of service right in their back door”), the Feed and the Skinny Pig are excited about a couple of anti-uptown venues coming to Williamsburg. Frank Cisneros of the Dram on South 4th Street will soon open the Drink (“a place where if you were a midshipman up in Maine, you would go and drink,” says Cisneros) at 228 Manhattan Avenue between Grand and Maujer. Expect exotic punches and “salted and smoked fish, pickles, cured meat and cheeses” for food. Meanwhile, the guys behind Whiskey Town are opening the Whiskey Brooklyn at 44 Berry Street and North 11th Street. Expect shuffleboard (!), other games, and (to eat) a “Bowl O’ Bacon” and a “Bowl O’ Meatballs.”

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