Free Brunch for the Unemployed; Rachael Ray Launches an iPhone App

• Wendy's topped Zagat's fast-food survey, but Five Guys took the burger win over In-N-Out. [Zagat]

• A woman is suing Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Café in midtown, alleging that she was kicked out for breastfeeding her baby. [NYP]

• Bay Ridge's Hom serves a free brunch to any unemployed person who calls ahead and asks. [NYDN]

• Gulf oyster beds could start rebounding as soon as this fall. [USAT]

• Jets and Giants fans alike are happy about the new Meadowlands stadium, but no one likes the high concession prices. [NYDN]

• Gulf shrimping season started yesterday, but many shrimpers are reluctant to get back out onto the water. [CNN]

• Pakistan's recent flood brings with it fears of a food shortage. [NYT]

• Rachael Ray's new iPhone app, TastyBytes, offers recipes and a shopping tool. [USAT]

• After a generic ice-cream truck took a Mr. Softee truck's spot in front of Lincoln Center last week, a fistfight broke out between the two vendors. [NYC The Blog]

• Chef Boyardee's new ads tout the brand's healthiness. [Brandweek]


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