Salmonella Outbreak Traced to Feed; Balducci’s Aims for a Comeback

• The egg-based salmonella outbreak can be traced back to tainted feed on an Iowa farm. [NYT]

• Stay-Puft Marshmallows, a key plot point in Ghostbusters, are now a real product. [Daily What]

• New York offers brunches accompanied by everything from jazz to klezmer. [NYT]

• Mississippi oysters are safe to eat. [Eatocracy/CNN]

• Williamsburg’s Azteca Linda cheese factory recalled two cheeses this week after finding possible listeria contamination. [NYP]

• After closing its flagship location in Chelsea last year, Balducci’s hopes to reenter the New York City market. [Crain’s]

JoeDoe bartender Jill Schulster uses a PedEgg to zest lemons and limes. [HuffPo]