Ryan Sutton Is Latest Critic to Get Fed Up

Sutton paid $14 for a two-bite hot dog, without any of that Danny Meyer hospitality. Photo: iStockphoto

You wouldn’t think someone who gets to expense his meals at fancy restaurants would have many complaints, but it’s a slow news week, so who can blame Ryan Sutton of Bloomberg for pulling a Cuozzo and grousing about his restaurant pet peeves, most of them involving the check. After issuing the usual complaints about noise levels (Terroir) and annoying hold music (Blue Hill), Sutton demands that some of his favorite restaurants transfer his bar tab, accept credit cards, split the bill between multiple cards, explain why they charge what they do for omakase menus, and also avoid charging Manhattan prices when they’re in Brooklyn, even if they’re presumably paying astronomical rents like Brooklyn Bowl is. Oh, and he also wants bartenders to make a proper Manhattan, for Christ’s sake — and that means you, Four Seasons. Of course, he could always present his business card (with a Manhattan recipe on the back) upon arrival — it works for John Mariani!

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