Ryan Skeen: ‘It’s All Been a Little Too Much the Past Year’


It’s the end of an era: Ryan Skeen confirms that he is indeed done with Twitter. He doesn’t have hard feelings about Eater’s Shitshow Week (“I’m cool being in the same company with Akhtar and Chris Lee, both very talented chefs”) but tells us, “As far as Twitter goes, I just have felt it’s all been a little too much the past year. I started cooking because I love it. I am getting back to my roots of cooking again, back before there was Eater or Twitter. I’d rather be known for my food, not how I played this ridiculous press game in this city.” Safe to say Skeen will now retreat into temporary media hibernation à la David Chang (who seems to have been laying low post-book-tour, though he did just celebrate his 33rd birthday at Torrisi, according to Ruth Reichl). So who’s going to tweet news about his next project?