Rumors Fly on Ramsay-Beckham Pub Project

Photo: Dave Pullig via Flickr

Stranger things have happened, but it’s hard to believe today’s L.A. Times’ story that David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay plan to open a pub in L.A. Gordo could surely use a strong investor these days and Beckham kind of needs something to do out here, but the thread tying this report together seems thin at best, even as it spreads through the pages of Pravda, Times of India, and ShowBizSpy. It all boils down to a quote from an anonymous source that the two are planning a pub called “The Queen Vic” to supply Beckham’s beloved pie and mash and fish ‘n chips. The duo also once admitted that their families like cooking together and Becks did bemoan a decent U.K.-style hangout in L.A. While someone points these guys to Waterloo & City, we’ll place Queen Vic in the same pending folder where Britney Spears’ fried chicken place and Jennifer Aniston’s restaurant still dwell.

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