Rick Tramonto’s New Orleans R’evolution

Tramonto takes leave for New Orleans.
Tramonto takes leave for New Orleans.

Say goodbye to Rick Tramonoto. Last week we heard rumors that Tramonto would be opening a new restaurant in New Orleans, and this morning he’s going to be making the official announcement. The restaurant is called Restaurant R’evolution, and will pair the chef with Louisiana chef John Folse in the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street. The plan is for an updated take on Creole and Cajun food, but as he told Chicago Magazine, it’ll be “Rick Tramonto-ized.” Wait…what does that mean?

During the Chicago interview, Tramonto described the restaurant as being “pretty upscale as far as refinement and service and cheese programs.” But since it’ll be in New Orleans the “menu will have an icon dish section—New Orleans étouffée, turtle soup, gumbos—but with our spin.” Considering how immaculately TRU was decorated, the design will also be important. He describes the “museum-quality artifacts” that will be on display at the new restaurant, which plans to open in the summer of 2011.

It’s a big undertaking, which ultimately means that while he’ll keep his house in Chicago, his “home base” for the next three years will be New Orleans. Time Out notes that he still has an involvement with Tramonto’s Steak and Seafood, but that could also end by next year.

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