First Look at Peter’s 1969, Bringing Ham Hocks to Hell’s Kitchen This Week


As proven by a recent sandwich tour inspired by our 101 favorite sandwiches, Hell’s Kitchen boasts an increasing array of comfort-food options, and on Saturday it’s getting another one care of Peter’s Since 1969. Point of clarification: The original Williamsburg location’s chef is not named Peter (Israeli-born Omri Magal, who will also be chef at this sister location, is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris) and it hasn’t been open since 1969 (it was named after the butcher store that preceded it). This second 45-seat location is a collaboration with Tom Galis, a managing partner at Goodburger (meaning it’s the second Goodburger offshoot to open this week). The menu and décor, below and in our slideshow, should be familiar to anyone who has visited the Bedford Avenue original.

served with two sides and choice of focaccia or mini corn muffins

¼ Rotisserie Chicken 9.99
½ Rotisserie Chicken 12.99
Polish Sausage 10.99
Homemade Meatloaf 11.99
Beef Stew 12.99
Slow Cooked Pork 13.99
Short Ribs of Beef 15.99

Family Style Whole Chicken 24.99
served with four sides and choice of focaccia or mini corn muffins

Veggie Meal 10.99
served with three sides and choice of focaccia or mini corn muffins

home cooked delicious sides straight from Peter’s kitchen

Mashed Potato
Sautéed Spinach
String Beans
Creamed Corn with Jalapenos
Mac & Cheese
Yellow Rice
Sautéed Spinach
Sweet Potatoes
Grilled Root Vegetables
Collard Greens with Ham Hocks

Reg. Side Order 3.59 Lg. Side Order 5.59

Sandwich, Salad and Soup
sandwiches served on brioche with our no-mayo Cole Slaw

Chicken Salad Sandwich 7.99
Pulled Pork Sandwich 7.99
Meatloaf Sandwich 7.99

Caesar Salad topped with Rotisserie Chicken 9.99

Peter’s Amazing Chicken Soup 4.99

Fresh Baked Pie - Apple, Cherry and Chocolate Pecan 4.99 each

Signature Drinks
Homemade Mint Pink Lemonade 2.99
Homemade Mint Pink Lemonade 2.99
Peter’s Red Sangria 5.99/11.99
Beer on Tap 4.99 - 7.99

Peter’s Since 1969, 587 Ninth Ave., nr. 42nd St.; 212-868-0600