Peels and Eataly Welcome Their First Guests

Photo: Photo: Patrick McMullan (Batali); Marcelo Gomes (Products)

Two hotly anticipated eateries have come out of the woodwork. First, Batali and Bastianich’s Eataly threw a preview party last night ahead of its August 31 opening (the rooftop beer garden opens in November) and Eater, the Feed, and Gothamist came back with slideshows. Echoing what he told New York earlier this week, Batali told party attendees that the superstore and restaurant complex “could be the cornerstone of Italian gastronomic culture.” Meanwhile, not quite as momentous, but exciting in its own right: Eater reports from inside of Peels, the hotly anticipated Freemans spinoff now serving biscuits, sandwiches, muffins, and the like for breakfast. Lunch and dinner start later this week.

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