News Flash: New York City Dining Establishments Awash in Bacteria

Red Cat's tempura-fried bacon.
Red Cat’s tempura-fried bacon. Photo: Courtesy of Red Cat

With the Post’s intern having already ratted out bars that serve to teenagers, the Observer sent its intern out to local hot spots (and, well, T.G.I. Friday’s) to swab their bars (it seems) for bacteria. The results: traces of E. coli and feces at T.G.I. Friday’s, yeast at Hogs & Heifers, mold and fungus at the Boom Boom, “oral or vaginal yeast” at The Four Season’s Hotel Bar, and staph at the Cubbyhole. Hey, that’s life — at least no one found bedbugs. Best part is owner Jimmy Bradley upon hearing an expert’s interpretation of yeast strains at the Red Cat. Says Dr. Philip Tierno: “These are either vaginal or they can be oral thrush-can be carried normally by the vaginal core.” And Bradley: “That seems more like an after-party from Saturday Night Live than the Red Cat.”

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