Millionaire Matchmaker Loses It at 40 Carrots

Photo: Patrick McMullan

It’s not just her single setups Patti Stanger bosses around. According to an observer, the Millionaire Matchmaker had a meltdown recently at the yogurt counter of 40 Carrots in Bloomingdale’s. “She was on the yogurt line wearing cutoff jeans and she looked slim and great,” says the source, “but she began banging her hands on the counter and screaming, ‘You are kidding me! This is bullshit! I come here all the time!’ She wasn’t just speaking sharply, she was really screaming like a crazy person and people were turning around. It caused quite a commotion.” The fellow customer said she believed the row was due to the fact that the store had temporarily stopped serving its famous frozen yogurt, and some women were apoplectic about not being able to get the addictive treat.

A 40 Carrots manager explained that the service suspension was due to the fact that the plant which produces the yogurt had moved, and loyal customers complained of a flavor inconsistency. Stanger’s manager, Joe Federman, denies that the reality-TV star went ballistic over yogurt. “Patti ate there every day and had smoothies,” he reports. “She got into an argument because they didn’t bring her receipt and she was late to go to the set.”