Millesime Opens in Former Country Space Tonight

Photo: Courtesy of UrbanDaddy

Back in February, word got out that the space that housed Country Grill in the Carlton Hotel would become Millesime, a French-inspired seafood restaurant. UrbanDaddy reports that the “salon” portion will open tonight and has the list of $15 “artisan” cocktails to prove it. We’re not sure what’s “artisan” about making a proper French 75, but hey, at least a portion of the Night & Day’s proceeds go to charity — you can’t say that about all pricey hotel cocktails. And also, the drinks have time-traveling capabilities: “Seven hard shakes with a cocktail shaker and you’re transported back to the splendor of Broadway, Tin Pan Alley and [other historical references picked out of a hat].” Thought you were sick of pork belly? Well, this place has pork-belly lollipops! Plus “spiced crispy bacon” and some misspelled French items (we’re assuming by “tartar” they mean tartare and not tooth buildup — click through to UrbanDaddy to spot the other gaffes and ask yourself whether it’s appropriate that there’s a Train Wreck cocktail on the drink list). Also, there’s a piano.

Salon Millesime, 92 Madison Ave., nr. 29th Street; 212-889-7100