Meet the Cakesicle, Unholy Voltron of Food Trends

All hail the Cakesicle.
All hail the Cakesicle. Photo: Courtesy Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp.

Wonder no more what happens when this summer’s dominant food trends of cupcakes, cake balls, Popsicles, and kiddie foodies combine forces to produce a single food item: Say hello to the Cakesicle, a chocolate-dipped sphere of cake and frosting skewered on the end of a twisty straw. But it’s so much more than that: It’s also a mirror that shows us ourselves. Designed by participants in a program called Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp, the idea for the Cakesicle grew out of man-on-the-street interviews around the South Street Seaport in pursuit of the exact sort of snacky product that people wanted to buy. Available in chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet, you can buy them August 19 and 20 at teen-run coffee shop the Jumping Bean, located at 210 Front Street.