Little Squirt Drinks Big Sis’s Breast Milk, May Get Book Deal


If you found kiddie culinary camps annoying, this may or may not make up for it. Remy Mumby, the Lansing, Michigan, 10-year-old behind Food Oddities (a sort of middle schooler’s take on Bizarre Foods) tells Esquire’s Eat Like a Man blog in his first interview that he’s being courted by publishers and talent agents. Before you get outraged, take one look at the wee one struggling to eat a scorpion (“my mind is telling me not to do this”) and balut (“this is so grotesque … I was told there would be no blood in there — there’s blood everywhere!”) and you’ll see why there’s money in this. Though Remy did get some unhappy letters about his attempt to pull a Daniel Angerer and drink his big sister’s breast milk, which he deemed “sweet, light, and pleasant.” Watch the amazing video here (and the rest at Esquire) and take his disclaimer into account: “There’s nothing wrong with sampling breast milk from my point of view. It’s a legitimate food source. I won’t feel guilty for trying it. Besides, I’m only nine. How guilty do you want me to feel?” By the way, unlike this guy, Remy draws the line at eating household pets.

Meet the World’s Youngest Foodie (and YouTube’s Biggest) [Eat Like a Man/Esquire]