Kobayashi, We Beg You to Show Up at Asiadog’s Eating Contest Tonight

Photo: Seth Wenig via Kansas City Online

Kobayashi tells the AP that hes going to eat steak to celebrate his win in court today, but we have a far better suggestion: Asiadog is holding a hot-dog-eating competition at Trophy Bar tonight. You dont have to be Kobi to compete just bring $15 and be one of the first ten people to sign up at 8 p.m. The first gurgitator to finish seven signature dogs gets a VIP badge for one full year of free Asiadogs, plus an infinite flow of pride. Well, an infinite flow of something. Also promised: Several new, never-before-seen specials. By the way, two-year-old Asiadog will soon get some competition in the Asian crossover game: Eater notices a Craigslist ad posted by Korilla, which hopes to reveal the hidden gem that is Korean BBQ.