Kenmare Street Becomes Restaurant Row; Hip-Hop Sommelier Launches Wines

• Between Kenmare and Travertine, Kenmare Street is becoming quite the restaurant row. [NYP]

• Brandon Belchie, hip-hop’s “unofficial sommelier” and the man who introduced rappers to Cristal, is launching his own wine label. [MSNBC]

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution won Best Reality Show at last night’s Creative Arts Emmys. [BBC]

• In the wake of last week’s massive egg recall, restaurants are enlisting new egg suppliers. [NRN]

• At a recent diner breakfast upstate, a dozen members of the Jets’ offensive lineup ate 48 meals. [NYP]

• Alfalfa sprouts from Brooklyn’s Snow White Food Products are being recalled owing to salmonella fears. [NYDN]

• Fried pickles are cropping up on menus across the city from Whiskey Tavern to Soho Park. [Restaurant Girl]

• A Yonkers man was stabbed to death outside Playwright Tavern following a brawl in the bar. [NYP]

• Jolting potatoes with electricity may make them more nutritious. [Time]

• Candy manufacturers are angry at President Obama over Mexico’s new 20 percent duty on chewing gum and chocolate. [Yahoo]