Judge Blocks Grimaldi’s Eviction, But Landlord Vows to Replace It

Frank CiollI
Frank CiollI Photo: BP

Brooklyn Paper reports that a judge ruled in favor of Grimaldi’s today, and it won’t be evicted for being late on its rent. However, as previously indicated, the landlord’s son Mark Waxman says he won’t be renewing the pizzeria’s lease once it expires in November of next year: “We are looking at other [tenants] who will continue to make pizza and be good for the community.” Grimaldi’s owner Frank Ciolli is celebrating today’s news, but according to the Brooklyn Paper, he had words with Waxman during a recess.

The two had given their cases, and Ciolli was livid, pointing a finger in Waxman’s face and yelling.

“This is a stab in the back — this is bulls—t!” Ciolli yelled, eye-to-eye with Waxman. “You don’t know who you’re dealin’ with. But you’ll find out soon enough. You’re buying yourself a lawsuit.”

Then Ciolli turned and ripped a camera — which was capturing the circus — out of a reporter’s hand before he went back into the courtroom as other reporters gasped at the brazen move.

Yikes. Definitely the ugliest showdown over a pizzeria since the whole Isabella’s Oven fiasco.

BREAKING: Grimaldi’s is saved for now — but will be booted next year [Brooklyn Paper]