Joshua Skenes, ‘Modern-Day Forager’

Joshua Skenes at the StarChefs Rising Stars Revue.
Joshua Skenes at the StarChefs Rising Stars Revue. Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Joshua Skenes, the 2010 Chron Rising Star, goes out most mornings to a secret spot near the Golden Gate to forage for sorrel flowers, nasturtium, and wild radish to complement his dishes at Saison. “For me this is about finding the deepest point in a flavor,” Skenes tells the Financial Times. “You see it in foraging, you see it in spit roasting. Fire and foraging: the purest forms of flavor.” The British mag sounds fascinated with the locavore foraging trend — now old hat here — and also mentions Forage SF, Gary Rulli’s home garden that supplies some produce for Ristobar, and Flour + Water sourcing much of their stuff from Knoll Farms in the East Bay.

Foraging on the streets of San Francisco [FT]
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