Is Bedford Avenue Losing Another Polish Holdover?

Photo: Craigslist

Last week, Peters Since 1969 opened its second location. As we pointed out, the chicken joints first location replaced an old Polish butcher shop on Bedford Avenue (hence its name). Now one of Bedfords last Polish mainstays, Raymunds Place, seems to be putting itself up for sale.

A certain corner restaurant on Bedford Ave. that looks identical to Raymunds has posted a Craigslist ad asking for $390,000 (or your best offer) for its thirteen-year, $4,500-per-month lease (which it says is at least 40-50% below current market rates). According to, Raymunds has been located at Bedford Avenue and North 10th Street for at least eighteen years. That site had no idea how right it was back when it wrote, Seems like these days, those types of neighborhood eateries are getting crowded out by the latest and greatest new thing. We havent yet been able to reach the owner of Raymunds to confirm hes throwing in the towel, but in any case this may just be your chance to open Raymunds Since the Early Nineties.

Corner Restaurant ON Bedford Ave. Make it Whatever you can Dream of! - $390000 (Northside, Williamsburg) [Craigslist]