Introducing the Mad Men Cocktail App


Recognizing that Mad Men inevitably drives its viewers to drink, AMC has released a “Cocktail Culture” app that lets you virtually create the sort of libations that lead to lawnmower accidents and roadside motel trysts. Pay $1.99 and the app gives you recipes for ten drinks and then coaches and tests you, step by step, on how to stir, shake, mix, and pour them (you can even virtually spear a cherry). Each time you pull one off, you get a message like “that Manhattan would get you invited out on the town anytime with the men of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce,” and you can “drink” the concoction by tilting your phone to your mouth (which, these days, is the only way to legally enjoy a martini in your Coupe de Ville). If nothing else, it’s a decent way to practice your mixology skills during your morning commute. Just don’t let anyone see you drinking from your iPhone.

Mad Men Cocktail Culture [iTunes]