Huff Post Picks L.A.’s Best Raw Fish

Kiyokawa Photo: The Delicious Life via Flickr

The Huff Post ponies up its picks of L.A.’s “ten best sushi” spots today. Among the dependable, well-known choices is a distinct lack of hot food porn, (besides the toro-wrapped monkfish liver from Urasawa that dominates our wildest fantasies) with blurry website screen-captures in the place of fresh plates of raw fish. Matsuhisa and Jonathan Gold-find Kiyokawa get the slip, while the original Sushi Katsu-Ya fills the number one spot and Sasabune, which failed to recapture the same magic after splitting from Sawtelle, takes number ten. Do you have a favorite sushi restaurant missing from Huff’s list of L.A.’s best? Kantaro? Ike? Sakura? Please let us know your thoughts in our comments.

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