How to Be a ‘Downtown King’


Murray Hill got its musical tribute, and now the downtown scene has its first anthem since, well, “Downtown.” Jelly Jells’s new video, “Downtown King,” features cameos from some true downtown kings, including Billy from Billy’s Antiques and (very briefly) Serge Becker. Despite having been recently disavowed as an owner of La Esquina, he mugs in front of it as Jelly Jells sings, “You can find me in the LES, West Village, maybe at Esquina, oh I miss Beatrice” (yes, Beatrice also gets some camera time — probably the last time its sign was ever seen intact). Scenes were filmed at the Box, too, and it all seems like the epitome of scenester chic until this line: “Banana pudding from Magnolia, gets a hold of ya … ” Wait a minute — Magnolia? Did someone just sample “Lazy Sunday” for ironic effect, or did Magnolia Bakery just get some hipster cred?

Jelly Jells feat. Fab 5 Freddy “DOWNTOWN KING” [Vimeo]