Health Department Cracks Down on Dr. Claw

Photo: Brooklyn Paper

Several months after Ben Sargent was introduced to the world and then assumed the Ali Gesque identity of Dr. Claw, a.k.a. the Lobster Pusher Man, after his hidden lobster lair received a visit from the Fire Department, the Health Department is now turning up the heat on him. According to the Brooklyn Paper, the DOH has affixed a notice to his Greenpoint pad demanding that he immediately close and cease and desist from operating any food service establishment at these premises. Heres hoping Dr. Claw finds a way to avoid the threat of jail time hes proven himself adept at dodging authority in the past. And also, what does this mean for the secret sandwich guy? He doesnt seem too concerned, per an update to Bread.Butter.Cheeses Facebook page: Oh snap! They're turning up the heat ... No worries, though, lovers of underground food Dr. Claw will be back, I'm sure. He's a resilient dude!

De-clawed! City stuffs underground lobster roll man [Brooklyn Paper]

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