Guy Fieri Is the Sarah Palin of Food; Cooking Camps on the Rise

• Guy Fieri has a "Sarah Palin-like ability to reach Americans who feel left behind by the nation’s cultural (or, in his case, culinary) elite." [NYT]

• Cooking camps are popping up across the country to profit from a generation raised on the Food Network. [WSJ]

• Beer gardens are on the rise across the city. [NYT]

• New York City's Chinese restaurants are pleased that the Health Department has relaxed its rules on hanging meats. [WSJ]

• Fox News' Greg Gutfield jokingly wants to open a gay bar catering to Muslims near the proposed mosque near ground zero. [Daily Gut]

• More and more bartenders are taking jobs as ambassadors for liquor brands. [NYT]

• Momofuku GM Cory Lane is moving to California. [Eater NY]

• Spurred by Man vs. Food, competitive eating is gaining a foothold in the United Kingdom. [Independent UK]

• It seems that artisanal Popsicles could depose cupcakes as the nation's trendiest sweet. [Columbian]

• Unreachable reservation lines and too much VIP schmoozing top John Mariani's list of the seven deadly restaurateur sins. [Food for Men/Esquire]

• A global food crisis like the one that occurred from 2007to 2008 could be on the horizon once again. [Curious Capitalist/Time]


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