Giuliano, La Focaccia Close Forever; Xie Xie Closes Temporarily

Xie Xie
Xie Xie Photo: Melissa Hom

Midtown spot Giuliano had papered-over windows, Zagat Buzz noticed yetserday. Today the blog reports that the Italian restaurant has officially given up the ghost: The owner cites the business-killing trifecta of “cold winter, hot summer, bad economy.” Farther downtown, fellow Italian spot La Focaccia was also quietly shuttered. Meanwhile, Xie Xie owner Angelo Sosa cuts off any potential rumors of his restaurant’s demise with a preemptive note to Eater: Though the place is closed, it’s only temporary; he’s renovating over the next few weeks in order to get up to code. [Zagat Buzz, Eater NY]