Frites N Meats to Rickshaw Truck: ‘You’re Ruining This for Everybody’

Kenny Lao Photo: Patrick McMullan

Needless to say, Vadim Ponorovsky disagrees with Kenny Laos version of the spat that occurred between the Frites N Meats and Rickshaw trucks earlier today. Lao claimed that after he unknowingly took the Frites trucks normal Tuesday parking spot, Ponorovsky really flipped out and sent a strongly worded text message (to put it mildly). Ponorovsky now tells us, Kenny should consider a career in fictional story telling a la Garrison Keillor. He says that unlike other vendors, Lao didnt bother reaching out to him to clear the parking spot, despite the fact that he has his phone number (in fact, the two have been part of recent discussions to form a food truck association). And that was just his first mistake.

According to Ponorovsky, the Frites N Meats truck was the first to arrive on the scene. When a Frites employee noticed the Rickshaw truck, he called Ponorovsky, who was off-site but talked to Lao over the phone. I said, Kenny, whats going on? Im here every Tuesday and Friday. And he said, Okay, I didnt know. Fifteen minutes later, Ponorovsky says Rickshaw still hadnt left, so he went to the scene of the incident and placed a call to Lao, who by then was no longer at the truck.

Yes, I was a bit upset, Ponorovsky admits. I said I dont really understand why youre still here when we talked and you know its not cool to have multiple trucks in one location. It brings too much attention; it brings the authorities. Ponorovsky continues: Im talking to Kenny saying, Youre ruining this for everybody. This is going to cost me several thousands dollars in lost revenue today. Sure enough, Ponorovsky spotted two members of the Fox security team talking to a police officer. Either the officer or the security guy said the security people at Fox had a meeting the other day and they dont want any vendors here they view it as a security problem. The police officer called an officer from the peddlers unit who then told Ponorovsky that, according to a list of restricted streets, he couldnt park in front of the building.

Ponorovsky wont go into detail about the messages he sent Lao (how forceful I was in all of that, thats really irrelevant) but will say, Kenny does a very wonderful job of shifting the focus away from him as the instigator of this event to being the victim. Thats a wonderful skill to have, to be the innocent lamb. And hes far from that. Finally: Did I say some words that were inappropriate? Sure. That unfortunately is one of my shortcomings. Im human. And, it seems, the food truck business isnt the most calming

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