Coney Island Low: Boardwalk Dives Told to Shape Up or Ship Out

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

The city’s best throwback bar, Ruby’s, was clinging to life even before Joe Sitt slapped a “For Rent” sign on it back in 2008. Now, according to the Post, it’s facing another threat, this time from Zamperla, the operator of the new Luna Park. The company’s New Jersey subsidiary has told eleven boardwalk operators, including that other beloved dive Cha Cha’s, to “submit business models by Aug. 31 outlining potential upgrades and marketing plans to make their businesses ‘successful.’” Or else! Upgrades? You don’t upgrade a dive bar. Sure, the occasional patron has fallen through the restroom floor into a hole full of “rats … bigger than dogs,” but does that mean we should put a Dunkin’ Donuts on the boardwalk? Look out, people: If it could happen in Seaside Heights

Coney businesses fear board-walking papers [NYP]